This web site has a great aim. The Spirit of Prophecy says, "Gather up the rays of light that have been slighted and rejected. Gather them up with meekness, with trembling, and with fear." (I think it's how the writing of the Bible got started!) In context, and in obedience to the Holy Spirit, here is my collection of extremely important truths that are slighted and rejected by God's appointed remnant church.

Messages of Great Importance

The Message to the Laodicean Church Reveals our Condition as a People
Ellen White's Startling Denunciation of the Laodicean Church
Inspiration for Seventh-day Adventists to not be Pharisaical
A Profile of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
The Seven Faces of Seventh-day Adventism

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of Christ
The Gospel According To Jesus

The Manifest Failure of Certain Organizations to Resemble the Kingdom of God
Failure in Doctrine
The Fuehrerprinzip (Fuehrer Principle) of the Nazi Party
The belief that all should submit to the Roman Pontiff
Failure in Action
Adventists in Nazi Germany
Rule or ruin tactics, enforcing submission to Seventh-day Adventist popery

The Illustrated Third Angel
This series is a warning to all Seventh-day Adventists who sheepishly accept popery because it is practiced by their leaders.  It is the message of the third angel specifically applied to them.
The Third Angel's Message Illustrated by its Application to Seventh-day Adventists

Part 1

Does God approve of the worship and devotion paid to popes and prelates?

Part 2

Are Seventh-day Adventists aiding in Satan's determined purpose to exalt popery?

Part 3

The Presumption of Popery

Part 4

Should Seventh-day Adventist leaders exalt themselves as if they were Popes?

Part 5

Holy Father, Rescind Your Agreement

Part 6

The Dupery of Popery

The Coming Judgment on the Seventh-day Adventist Hierarchy


The Seal of God


The Three Most Important Messages in the World
A Biblical Study of Revelation 14:6-12.
Three Messages That Will Be Given To The World, Just Before The World Ends


Other Messages of Great Importance

God has revealed the greatest mysteries in Bible prophecy. This revelation is now ready for free online study. This two volume work is a marvelous collection of many jewels, brilliant and dazzling, too numerous to count.

The Ends Of Time

Conditionalism: a cornerstone of Adventist doctrine
A Commentary on the Seven Churches of Revelation

The Alpha and Omega of Apostasy 

Was John Harvey Kellogg A Pantheist?
Adventism's Past Pantheism
Pseudo Adventism's Pantheism
The Pantheism of John Harvey Kellogg and A. Graham Maxwell
The Spiritualism of Adventism
A. Graham Maxwell's Contribution to Theology
Where we agree with channeled spirits
Graham Maxwell and Spiritualism
The Danger of Spiritualistic Theories of Death
Musings About An Adventist Antichrist
The Counterfeit Character of God Movement

Comment on The Omega Prophecy and the
Incarnation of John
Harvey Kellogg











The Replay Of History, The Alpha, The Omega, And The Incarnation Of John Harvey Kellogg

Did Ellen White see our day and tremble over the deceptive power of one man in our very midst? Is this man seducing thousands through cunningly devised fables (like the moral influence theory), with church leadership mysteriously acquiescing? Did God ever say, “Neither will I be with you any more, unless you awake, and vindicate your Redeemer”? Please read Selected Messages, Book 1, pages 193-208. If Kellogg was the archetype, Who or what fulfills his role?

    The Denial Of Justice And The Man Of Lawlessness  1,  2,  34.


"He appeals to the reason by the presentation of elevating themes; he delights the fancy with enrapturing scenes; and he enlists the affections by his eloquent portrayals of love and charity. He excites the imagination to lofty flights, leading men to take so great pride in their own wisdom that in their hearts they despise the Eternal One." GC 554.

"Is He The One, Or Are We To Look For Another?"

Theological Justification For This Web Site Part 1
Theological Justification For This Web Site Part 2
Testimonies of Truth
The Elijah Message
The Manifesto of Reform Minded Seventh-Day Adventists
A Testimony For Sleepy, Ease-Loving Sentinels
Indisputable Evidence of Righteousness
The Right Answers On Disputable Doctrines
The Nature of God / The Trinity
The Position of Christ in the Godhead
The Human Nature of Christ
The Original Seventh-day Adventists Answer Questions on Doctrine

Our Defense of the Ministry of Ellen G. White
The Charge of Plagiarism
Ellen G. White's Christology
The Incomplete Atonement

Concerning This Ministry
William Miller's Dream
The Ends Of Time
The Reformation


Eugene Shubert's Repartee with Pharisees

Wicked and Adulterous SDAs ask for a Sign
Reporting a Church Disturbance
Revival Thwarted at
Seventh-day Adventism is Like First Century Judaism p. 1
Seventh-day Adventism is Like First Century Judaism p. 2
Seventh-day Adventism is Like First Century Judaism p. 3
Other Public Appearances
Who Am I?
The Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Three Demons' Messages p. 1
The Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Three Demons' Messages p. 2
The SDA Threat to Religious Liberty
False Teachers and Self Proclaimed Prophets p. 1
False Teachers and Self Proclaimed Prophets p. 2
Is it morally right to speak the truth to Seventh-day Adventists?
Multiple Scenarios
A Discussion about Multiple Prophetic Scenarios
The Essence of Seventh-day Adventist Eschatology
Dialogue on the Historic Proclamation of the Gospel in Revelation
The Three Demons' Messages
Gospel presentations for medieval Seventh-day Adventists
My Response To Rabble-Rousers in the SDA Church
Catholic Adventists / Nazi Adventists
My reminiscences of the official, church-sponsored Seventh-day Adventist forum
Atoday!--What Hypocrites!
What ever happened to?
How do I get the job of Conference President in the SDA Church?
Texas Conference of SDAs and Richardson Church versus Eugene Shubert
Possible lawsuit against the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
RANT #1: If you don't like the church, find another one
Obsessive Cries Against Superstition and Heresy
The Mystery of Christ's Human Nature
Heresy of Tithing
To judge or not to judge?
How would God handle?
Will the earth be destroyed by fire?
Are Seventh-day Adventists Legalists?
Pharisees, Sadducees, Seventh-day Adventists
Where we agree with channeled spirits
Super-Spiritual Spiritualism
Musings About An Adventist Antichrist
Black-and-White Thinking
In the Form of a Papal Forum?
Voluntary Online Adventist Forum
A General Appraisal of SDA Forums
When Will Satan's Agents Appear?
Satan's Agents Are On This Forum
Debate and controversy a device of Satan
Pearls and Swine
ADRA Announces Their Willful Ignorance
The Censorship of Adventists by Adventists (They were all speaking well of him until...)
The Preterist Chimera is Easily Refuted
Not sure where to post at your forum
The gospel of Jesus Christ
A Message to my Critics and Detractors
How did the SDA church become Trinitarian?
Important Notice/Abuse of Power
A Profile of Satan's Agents and Helpers
Disrupting Threads Devoted To Specific Discussion Topics

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