Learn from an actual court case how the Seventh-day Adventist church instigates civil and criminal prosecution of loyal church members for expressing dissent to the spiritualistic teachings of A. Graham Maxwell.

Lawsuits Against Seventh-day Adventists Who Oppose Spiritualism and Popery

The Prince of Darkness versus Eugene Shubert
Shubert's Initial In House Complaint
The Plaintiffs' Bold Lies
The Defendant's Statement of Facts
Clifford Goldstein, the Liberty Magazine editor, is happily disinterested in SDA abuse or justice, says William H. Shea 
The Defendant's Answer to the Plaintiffs' Bold Lies
A Solemn Oath
A Moral Imperative
Hypocrisy is not Perjury
Documented Hypocrisy
Amazingly frank confessions of oppression by the church
The Testimony of Jesus

Seventh-day Adventists' Oppressive Policies
Seventh-day Adventists approve of punishing dissenting Adventists through the civil power
Church Sanctioned Abuse
Recent, God inspired, Spirit of Prophecy Testimony
Do Whistleblowers Suffer Economic Hardship?
God Wants This Man Removed
Adventist Pastors Strive for Character Assassination

The Seventh-day Adventist Threat to Religious Liberty
The Teri Strickland Case
The Merikay McLeod Silver Case

Are Seventh-day Adventists Accepting the Mark of the Beast?
Church Authority
The state of not even being capable of questioning Church Authority
The belief that all should submit to Seventh-day Adventist popery

Cannibalism at the Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church
Eugene Shubert Protests Cannibalism

Another Waco in Progress
Standoff at the Richardson Seventh-Day Adventist Church

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